About Us

At Bamboopecker we draw uninhibited inspiration from nature, culture and arts in our design.

Our design from the get-go was to bridge the gap between sustainable traditional crafts and the urban populace by ensuring that each design has a utilitarian value and an aesthetic that is current.
The idea is to reorient the traditional skills and crafts to the modern context with new techniques and design philosophy that ensures FORM follows FUNCTION, by allowing the function to be obvious, the end user can easily determine how to use and interact with it.

Our Mission

Natural materials like bamboo, cattail grasses, kora, jute, banana fiber, coconuts and others went into oblivion during the industrial era where the main focus was inventing new man-made materials and least focus on the damage to the green infrastructure of the planet.
We at Bamboopecker are bringing back natural material to the fore with Eco-friendly processes which have no harmful impacts on our health or environment.

Our Values

At Bamboopecker, we strive to reduce manufacturing times by introducing machinery, helping artisans to produce more in shorter time.
We try to marry slow design with technology to reduce processing times.
Machinery helps to employ the unskilled at the villages and decouples handmade from processing.